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04 Apr 2012

True Holiness

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I asked Holy Spirit to give me a definition of “Holiness”. During the next six days I repeated this question to Him. While waiting I turned to the concordance. The hebrew word for Holiness is Kodesh, it means a sacred place or thing. I didnt feel this gave me something to grab ahold of. The second place I looked for the definition of Holiness was the Church. It seems the Church feels holiness is walking in a list of rules & things we shouldnt do. This left me feeling discouraged.
Finally after six days my spirit leaped within me. God spoke to me. My ears didnt hear Him but my mind received His words & a second later my emotions were flooded with excitement. He said,”Holiness is truly knowing who I am”. It was late at night, I was tired but now I was wide awake. I knew I had to search the scripture to see if this was accurate. The most Holy man ever to walk the earth was Jesus the Son of God. Jesus said,”As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father” (John 10:15). Is it possible Jesus, who resigned Himself to become a man & have the same fleshly desires as us, was able to walk in sinless Holiness because He was receiving revelations of who the Father was? I believe so.
Are you struggling with sin? Sin being,”falling short of the standard, Jesus Himself”. Then I say, lets begin asking Holy Spirit to help us know who the Father is. Holy Spirit lives to search the deep things of God & reveal them to us (1 Cor. 2:10). 1 Peter 1:16 Because it is written, Be Holy as I Am Holy..

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02 Apr 2012

Know The Season

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The time is now for the Church, the Bride of Christ, to seek The Father for His will to be done on earth through His Son, By His Spirit in an obedient Children


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